This is a very logical question to ask, when there are a-number of other institutes claiming to provide similar training for computer courses. Simple and straight reason is "QUALITY PEOPLE FOR QUALITY TRAINING" is the core concern here and KPPL follows it strictly. We provide credibility and quality of service and we have put in a lot of hard work to build our credibility with our students-each of whom is now our brand ambassador.

Our training programs have been designed as per modem syllabus and simultaneously making it affordable to the community at large. Our centers are fully equipped with latest gadgets manned by qualified technical and experienced professionals. The Institution is in prestigious tie-ups with other valuable organizations in its area of operations

Keeping in view the large demand in IT Industry for IT Professional, KPPL was founded to help people who are interested in becoming IT Professional. At KPPL, we have developed programs meeting the standards set by the various national regulatory bodies the goal of our programs is to develop the skills needed to carry out IT Sector. At KPPL, we understand the importance of having a competitive edge in the challenging world; a Certificate/diploma from us will give you an additional advantage.


We take up and participate in small and big projects related to computer based training programs in association with corporate and government sector.

We publish Help Journals to make people aware and encourage them to mix with the computer literate world and keep them update with the latest techniques in the field of computer technology and technology based business prospects.

We provide free education to exceptionally talented poor and orphan students. Our programs aim at meeting computer trained HR requirement at local, national level. We also run special programs to train people with latest Techniques to meet documentation challenges of the future. Our goal is to participate in putting all small and large organizations on the computer network.